The Incredible Egg

Back in the early ’70s (pre-internet, pre-fax machines, pre-social media – heck, pre-computer!), I was trying to get away from red meat … and I found Adelle Davis’s books, she was a nutritionist who was looked upon as an eccentric because she went against current popular thought about foods and supplements.

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Pumpkins the Morning After

Some kids think of pumpkins as jack o’lanterns and not food, but what a teaching moment, to cut that thing in pieces, put it on a tray that’s covered with a layer of water (cook at 350-degrees until soft), turn over and scrape all that great “meat” off.  Freeze or use immediately in many different recipes, including great breads and cakes.


Last Halloween I posted on this, but this year my son taught me the improved way of baking them, shown above, with the water.  After over 30 years, it’s now quicker and even easier.

This year I used sea salt on the seeds (oiled pan) and they were excellent.  Don’t worry about getting all of the pulp off them before cooking.

Have fun with those kids, they’ll grow up too fast!    🙂



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Small Steps with Treats

After my pre-Halloween Costco run, the family did their mom-giggle as one trucked in an armload containing the
“typical” thing that I would buy to pass out on Halloween – healthy snacks!

“No,” I said, “really, this looks good and it might taste good – it’s got lots of interesting new things in it!”

Indeed it did.  I know it’s not completely perfect to some folks, but small steps in the right direction is sometimes the best we can do. Continue reading

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Minnesota – Wisconsin Ride

Just visited our daughter in farm country, Minnesota.  What a treat to take a road trip from there into Wisconsin,to Madison (dipping into Illinois and Iowa) and strings of fascinating small towns, some of which are shabby shells of their former glory.  Other towns were obviously working their way through renewal projects, breathing life and fun back into their once bustling hubs.  It was all fascinating to a west-coaster less accustomed to whole towns of historic value!

My daughter was raised in British Columbia, Canada, but her ancestors were from various northeastern states and then the midwest as they migrated westward.

Having clues in hand of dates and cemeteries, we had the greatest road trip just going to the places they lived and worked in, and were laid to rest.  It was so great that next year, we’re hoping to take on the Kansas, Missouri area – then maybe Texas the year after? Continue reading

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Vitamin Clutter

Gr-r-r, I looked in my older relative’s kitchen cupboard this morning (visiting, looking for tea) and couldn’t believe how little she understood about nutrtion.

Doesn’t she “get” that you can’t take a whack of Vitamin B12 and then five different kinds of Vitamin D, calciums, glucosamin and the like without getting the proportions right, without having a basic multi-vitamin to start out with??

Take the multi, then add targeted nutrients to that, according to need,  otherwise

  • it’s a waste of money and
  • won’t absorb because the body can’t – it’s about “bio-availability.”

Always start with a multivitamin (the Formula 2 in the Herbalife products).  Our multi is a pure, proper balance of all the vitamins, and also a dynamite complex of herbs to aid in cleansing/detoxifying, which in turn gives a boost to the vitamins.

Go to and use the drop-down bar to find your country.  The code is “gethealthy” – fill out the form when you’re ready for more information and free, personal help to feel better, fast!




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My New iPhone 4 S

As wonderful as the iPhone looked, I managed to resist the allure until today, when I decided it was time to add this tool to my electronic arsenal.

My son-in-law got me into Apple with the eMac, which we still have in the house and it works fine.  Didn’t have such good luck with the iMac – I loved the machine but I didn’t replace the fan when they did a recall and so I was out of luck.  Then I went to the Mac notebook, which has been a workhorse!  But the iPhone, my fear of exposure to Radio Frequency Energy was a large reason that I hesitated.  All these phones have that problem to varying degrees, but one with so many apps how could I avoid over-exposure?

If you ask your local cell phone sales people about the ratings of smartphones, they get a glazed look in their eyes as if they’d never heard of the issue, but none-the-less, I’ve nagged my iPhone-packing kids to be careful. Continue reading

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New School-Year Resolutions

Like January first, the start of the school year brings the promise of a clean slate – new hope for getting organized and doing better on all fronts.

If we don’t feel great and look great, it’s hard to move forward on that resolve, but I know for sure that Herbalife can do the trick, because I’ve been using these great products as a way of life for 23 years!!

Every time I see something on a shelf at a store that I think might be tempting to replace it with, I ask myself why I would take the risk.  We’ve done so great with these quality products that now, going into my senior years, certainly doesn’t seem a good time to take chances!!  The easiest way to make the fastest change … Continue reading

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Grove Salad Recipe

We had a scrumptious salad last night, from a recipe I found on a postcard.  I wanted to share the recipe with our kids and couldn’t find it online, so I’m here to share it with all of you!

You’ll need some broccoli, celery, green onions, raisins, almonds and seedless grapes – all good-for-you-foods 🙂 Continue reading

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As Seen on Cramer

“Herbalife is the best performing stock I have discussed,” Cramer said on his Mad Money show yesterday.

I feel so fortunate that back in 1988 I found the right company to fill our family’s need for nutrition – and mine for a at-home business.

Herbs weren’t easy to figure out back then, they’d barely been in the market, since China had only opened up to the West about 1980 when Herbalife got going.

Protein wasn’t seen as being as important as it is now, during pregnancy, for weight-loss, in sports, for the brain, for healthy aging, and so on – and what there was tasted just awful! Continue reading

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24-Hour Nutritional Support for Athletes

Herbalife24 is the only comprehensive performance nutrition line that covers an athletes varying requirements during the entire day.  It’s easy to see what products your particular level of activity requires by using the website’s “Customize Your Routine” area.

This is particularly good news for athletes who want to use the best, but like most people mainly guess at what will meet their needs.  Because of the intensity of activity, many athletes can do more harm than good if they don’t get the timing of their nutrition and hydration. Continue reading

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