Suitcase Food

I’m always hungry when I go on a trip.

A quick snack on an early train ride.

Not so much around the house, but once I take off for somewhere, I’m mentally calculating my next meal stop.

I’ve been trapped with a growling tummy and no access to food too often to ever, ever travel without my personal stash of food!

When three of our children went to Europe, I stuffed their packs with Herbalife protein snacks … so when I went over in April, to Germany, I did the same.

Those lightweight, nutritious snacks were so handy in many situations, but surprisingly, mainly before bed and in the morning when we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) cook.

My most naughty event was a noon meal with our Herbalife soup (powder that you mix with water) along with a great beer, which we seemed to have in abundance – you can’t be in Bavaria without enjoying their beer, right?

Later I followed up with one of our mouth-watering, chewy chocolate protein bars on the train to very beautiful, Titisee, outside of Freiburg – you just never know when you’re going to get that next meal!

There’s such a variety of choices … soups (I call it “faux chicken – but it smells like cream of chicken with green onion), three types of chewy candy bars, protein powders, mango or berry protein drink powder, and also an energy powder and energy fizzy tablet … powdered teas to put in hot or cold water.

Even I was surprised at how satisfied I was using my “suitcase food” so much …

I do remember, before my flight, telling my daughter and son-in-law I wanted to eat German food the whole time.  Didn’t happen.  Their nine-month-old made it a bit difficult to eat in restaurants 🙂  We used the grocery store, where I was blown away by the nice selection, reasonable prices, and just plain cheap beer and wine.

We did treat ourselves in a fabulous eatery in Staufen, the restaurant is famous for it’s delectable bakery items – being virtuous most of the time gives you permission to splurge 🙂

Still, Grandma walked the young one while mamma finished her delicious cake.  I had the strawberry treat!



So, if you’re like me and dread finding meals when you’re travelling, look at our snacks and teas and other proteins – all perfect for the road – or the air – economical and convenient = smart travelling!!


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