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Live Longer List

The bucket list for a longer life in a easy to copy list, from the Harvard Medical School. Continue reading

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Soy Source and Information Site

Concerned about the protein source of the shake powders you are looking at? Check out to see where Herbalife gets theirs … check out the benefits of soy in your life here. Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer – Other Cancers and Diseases: What to Do

Antioxidants and vitamins found in many foods can play a role in protecting against cancer cell growth. Overall diet and exercise can beneficially affect the development of other diseases common among older men including prostate cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Continue reading

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The Price of Freedom

We live in freedom because brave men and women give up theirs for us. We owe them our deep gratitude. Continue reading

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Kiss Those Sickening Beauty Aids Good-Bye

Don’t poison yourself in an effort to be beautiful. There are almost no regulations for cosmetic companies, and there might be harmful toxins in your lipstick or foundation, with healthier choices out there. Continue reading

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Callanetics: Effective Exercise for Every Body

Ever wonder why some exercises just don’t feel right?  You can’t put your finger on it, but there’s something wrong? A book gathering dust in our library has answered many questions for me, and the approach is full common sense … Continue reading

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