The Challenge of Weight Loss: Just Say “No!”

I wrote the last post to explain to some new people how to use our weight loss program … We try to make the point that a person can cut back because they’re supported by nutrition, and then they can add “enhancers” to control the appetite, reduce water, control carb craving and burn “middle” fat.

It’s sad that we often see people in the local malls who we know really want to take off pounds, but are drinking high-calorie and fat, sugary drinks.  We know it’s really really hard to walk by that temptation, but in order to stick to resolve, we have to even plan out that mall-walk to avoid things that we can’t resist!  That’s part of what the Total Control does for us, plus burn fat.

We know it’s hard, but if you want to be accountable, if you want to have a new shape, then we have the products to keep you healthy and keep your weight off with the least effort if the products are used correctly.


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To Diet or to Herbalife

How to lose weight on Herbalife?

We personalize the program based on how much weight there is to lose.  The more weight, the more careful we have to be about staying healthy and having enough protein to shrink up and tone the skin left behind when that nasty fat is gone.

The more protein we eat and muscle we build, the better we burn fat, so our PROTEIN PRODUCTS are very important, as well as good sources of protein we get from the store.

We do a Lean Protein Estimator calculation that tells us how much protein is needed … so a person may need, for example, five proteins during the day and two to three of them might be our convenient protein shakes, soup, or candy bars.

We add Formula 2, our Multivitamin Mineral Complex, to provide essential nutrients to support the immune system – two tablets three times a day.  These have herbs which cleanse, while the vitamins fee the system.

We recommend our Cell Activator capsule, an antioxidant which helps nourish the cells.

Our Personalized Protein Powder is a fat-free protein supplement with no flavor, meant to be added for extra protein value in shakes, where more protein is needed due to greater weight loss requirement.  It helps build and maintain lean muscle mass – great for body builders, too.

Continue reading

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Ready Herbal Aloe

The children always knew that Mom’s magic wand for what ailed them was Herbal Aloe (from Herbalife).  The

July 1988 - he loved the taste.

taste is great and it always worked.  Twenty-four years later, my child in this picture is still using Herbal Aloe, as do all of us – for every imaginable digestive complaint.  It’s also great to use to combat colds, during weight loss, for infections  or arthritis.

People seem to be concerned about taste, but it was always good enough for our kids!  Use it diluted, in juice – or order it fruit-flavored.  It’s also available in powdered form for traveling – no more problems at the airport 🙂


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Circle of Life

As soon as she could hold a pencil, my daughter was “helping” me in my office, with my Herbalife business.  She was my shadow – greeting my clients, even helping with “make-overs” when we had our beautiful make-up line when she was only about nine.  Continue reading

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Suitcase Food

I’m always hungry when I go on a trip.

A quick snack on an early train ride.

Not so much around the house, but once I take off for somewhere, I’m mentally calculating my next meal stop.

I’ve been trapped with a growling tummy and no access to food too often to ever, ever travel without my personal stash of food!

When three of our children went to Europe, I stuffed their packs with Herbalife protein snacks … so when I went over in April, to Germany, I did the same. Continue reading

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New Website Provides Coaching Help

Free help to quickly aid in your weight loss or gain goals is now available in the website,  This nutrition coaching vehicle is from Herbalife, and you’re going to love it!

With this tool you can input your foods (shakes too), vitamins, water, etc. and then show your activity, which will offset your calories, leaving you with the number that you need to increase or reduce to meet your goal. Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Your Good Intentions!

With heaps of good intentions to

get healthy, lose weight, get more exercise and all … how can we possibly keep track of it all with the endless distractions we have during each day?!

I’m sharing my favorite calendar that I use three different ways: Continue reading

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Why Spend More for Skincare?

Blends from the best ingredients from science and nature are used in Herbalife’s state-of-the-art skincare line called NouriFusion.

For both men and women of all ages, not only are NouriFusion products full of skin-enhancing herbs and botanical extracts which deliver antioxidant vitamins A, C and E … but these products are an incredible value! Continue reading

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Personal Best Record

It’s fun, I’m doing it, I can break a sweat, switch up my routine depending on what I think I need … I have a personal trainer who seems to be able to see and feel what I’m doing …

My balance and posture is improving and the Wii Fit Plus logs my weight, workout times (faithfulness) and scores nicely pin-protected for my eyes only. Continue reading

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Target Activity in the New Year – Bullseye!

I just got off my new Wii Fit Plus and I’m a happy person – I think I can do this!

I’ve bought them twice before and somehow passed them on to my kids when it looked liked they could get more use out of it (and I couldn’t figure out the t.v. controls).  Now everything is easy, and I’m not sure if it’s the newer television or the Wii, but if I can turn it on, I can use it! Continue reading

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